Upon completion of the study programme Financial Business the graduate will be able to:

  • using of computer systems and presentation of balance sheets;
  • determining public revenues and their calculation by the competent authorities;
  • financial payment transactions: collecting receivables and payment of obligations using the most modern forms of payment;
  • bookkeeping, bookkeeping of expenses, formation of total income, profit and their distribution according to annual calculations, preparation of all types of financial reports and analysis of enterprises;
  • banking and electronic banking, liquidity and use of the bank's information system;
  • assessment of the creditworthiness of the enterprise, analysis of inventory of goods, cash management, customers and suppliers; all types of treasury-treasury business.
  • all types of foreign exchange operations and foreign operations; electronic financial business.

The student acquires the Bachelor-Applied (BA) in the area of Financial Business.

No. Subject Sem. Stat Teaching
1st YEAR
3.Enterprise Economy1C3+27
4.Organisation of the Company2C3+26
7.Business Statistics2C3+27
8.Introduction to Information Systems2C3+27
9.Elective Courses 1
9.1.English Language 11E3+26
9.2.Russian Lenguage 12E3+26
2nd YEAR
10.Financial Management1C3+28
11.Cost Management1C3+28
12.International Business Finance2C3+28
13.Elective Courses 2
13.1.English Language 21E3+26
13.2.Russian Language 22E3+26
14.Elective Courses 3
14.1.Stock Exchange and Securities2E3+26
14.2.Financial Risk Management2E3+26
15.Elective Courses 4
15.1.Banking Business1E3+26
15.2.Operations of non-Banking Financial Institutions2E3+26
16.Elective Courses 5
16.1.Entrepreneurial Finances1E3+26
16.2.Financial Reporting1E3+26
17.Elective Courses 6
17.1.Actuarial and financial mathematics2E3+26
17.2.Microstructure of Financial Markets1E3+26
18.Elective Courses 7
18.1.E-Business in the Finance2E3+26
18.2.Marketing in the Finance1E3+26
3rd YEAR
19.Investment Management1C3+26
20.Commercial Law2C3+26
21.Monetary and Public Finances2C3+26
22.Information Systems in the Finance1C3+26
23.Financial Accounting2C3+26
24.Business Environment1C3+26
25.Elective Courses 8
25.1.English Language 31E3+26
25.2.Russian Language 32E3+26
26.Internship in Financial InstitutionsC0+1208
27.Bachelor's Thesis2C10
Total ECTS 180
C-Core Course, E-Elective Course, *students choose one subject from each elective block
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