College of Economics Pec-Leposavic (CEPL) is established in the 1960th. This is the institution with a long tradition in teaching the economic skills and expertise. Since 2008 the College has applied the principles of the Bologna declaration. There are three study Bachelor programs: the Financial Management, the Management of Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as the Custom Management. Also, there are two programs at the 2nd cycle of education – the Financial Business and the Commerce Business. Harmonising the curricula with European and world tendencies, the CEPL aims to follow the concept of the applied studies, as well as to provide the knowledge and skills necessary in current ICT era to its students. By introducing unique European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), the College has provided high level of quality in the realization of educational process. Within its activities the College has a good collaboration with related academic institutions and companies that support the process of education the students by offering the practice in relevant areas.

The main goal of CEPL is to prepare educated managers, entrepreneurs, as well as custom experts for their future career in which they will be capable of making good use of their individuality in team work, exploiting the force of accumulated theoretical and practical knowledge, along with sensibility and understanding of their direct and wider environment to make significant and permanent contribution to the development of modern multicultural society. The College aims to achieve this goal by conducting basic and applied knowledge, as well as providing research-based graduate and undergraduate study programmes in economics, business and management. At the same time, the College has always focused on three primary permanent values: contemporary organizational concept, high quality and standards in implementing business processes, as well as intensive international co-operation.

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